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Welcome to the website dedicated to Human and Universal Energy teaching of Master Luong Minh Dang!


“Everybody has this latent ability. The question is, who can successfully utilize Universal Energy to activate it? I do not select any particular student to learn UE because I know spiritual energy and anti-matter energy is still hidden inside all the humans.I open chakras for you and it is a very important first step as I activate the immune capacity, spiritual energy, hidden love, hidden tolerance and hidden intellect for you.”
Luong Minh Dang, New People – the "Unknown"


Universal Energy Movement are the people of different cultures practicing Human and Universal Energy® method of using non-material (psychic) energy as taught by Master LUONG MINH DANG.
Master Dang

Current state of scientific achievements do not allow for explaining or falsifying existence of this phenomenon, but using this simple tool does turn out useful in questions of health, psychic balance, harmony in relations, personal and professional development.

Luong Minh Dang invited others to test his teaching by personal application instead of accepting it blindly. Some results witnessed by the practitioners, in particular when influencing cells, plants and animals, or non-living nature and mechanical objects cannot be explained in the framework of traditional reasoning.

Everyone human can initiate plenty of changes in the external world through simple intention and concentrating own attention. Clear and sincere intention and daily practice are the key factors defining the speed, the scale and sustainability of transformations.

In his lectures, Luong Minh Dang promoted complementary use of Universal Energy, mentioning that “healing use is only a thousandth part of what Energy of Universe can do”.


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