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Universal Energy Movement

When you apply the UE techniques successfully, it is a sign that you have grown in your spiritual energy.
Luong Minh DangNew People - the "Unknown"


General info

Materials, used by Luong Minh Dang in the course of his lectures and seminars (aka levels) are being discussed in the course of educational events (seminars) .

Experience shows that the material is best learned (all inter-dependencies understood) during physical participation in the seminar. This understanding is further developed and strengthened by application and repeated listening or re-reading own notes, booklets and seminar transcripts (if available).

Use of videoconferencing was initiated by Luong Minh Dang to simplify access to seminars due to limitations related to physical movement for attending the events in person. Increase in the number of experienced instructors transformed this possibility into a convenient way for strengthening and deeper understanding of the learned material (auditing), and an easy solution to learn in case of inability to attend the events in person.

Internet connections for auditing purposes are provided free of charge. The schedule of events to be organized by Paola Scotti (the Official Representative of Master Luong Minh Dang in the countries o Eastern Europe) that can be connected to is published for a year. In case of learning via Internet, code for single connection is provided upon 25 Euro contribution.

See Guidelines for material, to be covered in the seminars (in Russian /in Italian). Please note that terminology and conceptual apparatus of Human and Universal Energy method taught by Master Luong Minh Dang was developed when he was explaining the principles and importance of energy help to his compatriots (Vietnamese of Buddhist origin) and should not be understood literally. Clear understanding of what is meant develops in the course of seminars and further practice .

Paola Scotti reminds seminar participants they are personally responsible for own development and should be disciplined enough to study and then apply/practice learned methods in the proper sequence, after clear understanding of conceptual and theoretical materials to be supported by respective techniques.


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