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The real freedom is the freedom to help people unconditionally. Any culture, ideology or religion that can teach you to help people unconditionally without the discrimination of classes, you should learn these true ideas..
Luong Minh DangNew Lesson - Love Enlightenment Mankind

Universal Energy Movement in social networks

Russian: Мой Мир -

Russian: вКонтакте - - listening to audio, watching video and photoes from seminars of Master Dang

Russian: - group"Человечество Просветление Любовь" - current discussions, photoes from current seminars

Facebook - EnglishУниверсальная-Энергия-Вселенной-и-Человека-УЭ-HUE-SHY-MEL/376885622326072 - Russian - Russian - Russian group for L20 students - mixture of languages - English - Spanish - English 

Russian-speaking Universal Energy resources

First Russian-speaking UE practitioners forum (based on UE-GLOBAL)

UE Online Auditing program

Russian-speaking UE email newsgroup

MEL-Ukraine UE website

MEL-Krivoy Rog, Ukraine

Russian-speaking website of our colleague from Norway

Forum created by MEL-Chaikovsky team, Russia


Websites of Associations and some of their individual participants:

1) Mankind.Enlightenment.Love, USA (MEL, inc.), also known as Human and Universal Energy Faculty (HUE-Faculty, inc.). - (МEL-Monterrey, Mexico) - UE center at Barbados - MEL center at Barbados - MEL center in Toronto - Sister Amalavathi's MEL center and - Bee's website from Malaysia


2) Human and Universal Energy and Spirituality Academy, Australia (HUESA).


Non-associated UE websites: - Blog about UE in Romanian

English-speaking UE students newsgroup - UE center in Skopje, Macedonia UE website, created by Vietnamese students, quite a lot of interesting info - website created by Ms.Huesan Tran, one of the active students in California Oakville, Ontario/Canada


Inactive websites :




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