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Universal Energy Movement



Overview of the Universal Energy Movement

“The biggest mistake physicians make is attempting to cure the body without curing the mind. The mind and the body are one.”
Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine

The teaching is based on the principles of everything in the Universe being interrelated on the energy level and the resulting capacity of humans to influence the flow of events in this world. The Energy of Universe (or Universal Enegy) is a term used for vital force, which is also called Prana, Qi etc. in diffirent cultures.

The teaching is being passed/spread by a sequence of seminars, which are dedicated to covering conceptual and methodological material.

Conceptual material covered in classes is strengthened by the ritual of reviving (Opening) of Chakras and their further activation (strengthening) at different levels, and daily application. Energy practices are somewhat similar to those of Reiki.

"Universal Energy Movement" formed around the teachings of Luong Minh Dang about application of Universal Energy he researched and studied, quickly grew an International following.

Usually, Universal Energy Movement is first discovered by those who had experience of situations that cannot be explained within traditional frame of reasoning. If one has "satisfactory experience" of Universal Energy method application, it is then recommended to friends, relatives and/or acquaintances.

Master Luong Minh Dang used to draw attention of his followers to the importance of regular (daily) practice to transform knowledge their received into capabilities and skills, to strengthen and develop them; invited them to experiment and document results thereof, but again and again underlined the priority should be with use of capabilities and skills for personal and wide societal benefit, not scientific research of various phenomena (which should be left to scientific community).

Luong Minh Dang widely supported establishing local Universal Energy centers to serve as support groups for practitioners, as well as to provide for accessibility and quality of teaching Universal Energy method on site. He used to underline that the movement (as an organization) should stay informal, non-hierarchical and preferably function on voluntary participation basis.

The founder did not set the objective of attracting a wide following, but insisted on importance of daily practice and developing deeper understanding of conceptual material, discussed during his lectures. He invited the followers not to accept everything blindly, but to analyze and check the statements against doubt and personal experience.

Mr. Luong viewed his teachings as a method, a tool that advances mankind's achievement of total harmony with the outside world, which is only possible as a result of everyone's personal harmony in all aspects of one's life. He noted that on this path humanity will pass a moment when energy centers of everyone will start "opening" automatically.

The method includes:
* Theoretical material
* Respiration and energy techniques that activate the flow of Universal Energy.

Universal Energy is captured by Chakras and is distributed through the energy channels to every organ and cell of the physical body.



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