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"I always remind you that anything or event on earth, as well as the activities in the universe cannot go beyond the controlling hand of the invisible Deities, which is the factor that keeps the harmony in all living creatures."
Luong Minh Dang, New People - the "Unknown"

Interaction with life-sustaining energy of the Universe takes place by means of a Chakras system, whose capacities are augmented through supplementary activation. Conscious use of energy capabilities is possible, but it's intelligent and “cooperates” only with sincere creative will.

Applying Universal Energy method, one uses what is already in abundance in the surrounding Universe. Human only serves as a conducting intermediary, consciously directing it by own intention and attention to where he thinks it is needed. Such an influence cannot harm, as we are using the force which already surrounds everything that is. Intensification of the energy flow leads to activation of life-sustaining processes.

To achieve substantial results, one should make efforts to improve own inner calm and discipline, which is supported by regular practice of meditation and simple breathing exercises.

Some practical research studies in Universal Energy application are:

In Vitro Study of the Effects of Universal and Human Energy on Biological Models", Sophia Antipolis, France, 1997 (skin tissues)


Read full article here.

cell activity

Cancer cells activity – without Universal Energy transfer and after 30 second Universal Energy Transfer

cancer cell

Cancer cell activity relative to length of Universal Energy transfer (optimal at this level is 30 seconds)

Skin tissue study

Wounds on the skin – with and without Universal Energy transfer


Study of Universal Energy transfer influence of AIDS/drugs patients, conducted by a Thai group of researchers

Read full article here.


Photos of Universal Energy influence on plants - experimental and control groups (USA)

Study plants

Home plant – no watering, roots of garden plants and potatoes harvest without and with Universal Energy transfer

study germination

Seed germination and sprout development without and with Universal Energy transfer


"Since 1997, applications of UE in farms, chicken ranch, fishery, nursery, rice fields, etc. across the world had demonstrated positive results.  Below is a summary of the positive effects of UE applications in agriculture thus far:
· More production in volume: fruits, rice, eggs, chicken, fish, shrimps, etc.
· More frequency of planting/seeding
· Higher density
· Better taste and longer lasting
· Reduce the use of chemicals and fertilizer”

Quote from

Experiments on treating water with Universal Energy – Dnepropetrovsk/Ukraine, Israel, Moscow/Russia

Using Universal Energy to influence the state of human and water - Minsk/Belarus

Read more here.

Energy field diagram before (left) and after (right) Universal Energy transfer:

energy field 1

Energy field diagram before (left) and after (right) activation of chakras:

chakra activation

Energy field of different water recepies:

water energy field

1. tap water's energy field

2. Water with salt after Universal Energy transfer (prepared in 2004, measured in 2007)

3. Water, prepared with Universal Energy formula

4. Universal Energy formula garlic water


Research, presentations, certificates about UE. Valentina Stognieva (Krasnodar, Russia)

part 1 , part 2 , part 3


Luong Minh Dang forecasted these results, recommended practitioners to document their practice, mentioned about importance of gathering and generalizing results and even issued a written invitation to practitioners to direct these documents to his MEL headquarters.

Universal Energy method practitioners influences the object of energy transfer indirectly. By concentrating own attention, the practitioners intensifies the flow of Universal Energy around the object. In the course of the “energy transfer” practitioner tries to be a pure conductor to strengthen the flow of Universal Energy in the point s/he chose to influence. The result is influenced by the will of the practitioner (degree of concentration, regularity), readiness of the recipient (willingness to accept energy help and readiness to use the possibilities it provides), individual characteristics, and possibly other forces, influencing specific processes. This is why concrete result is rather difficult to forecast.

Theoretic research of the physics of Universal Energy phenomena was undertaken by Bedri Cetin in this  "Study on Universal Energy".

Over and above that, Universal Energy practitioners must not accept, nor request pecuniary compensation for their efforts in using the method. If someone is willing to express his/her gratitude, the gift can be accepted, but if it's something valuable you don't need and might want to sell – Master Luong Minh Dang recommended to leave only 30% for yourself, giving the rest for charity.

Thus only practical explanation why average human of individualistic society might want to use Universal Energy method in one's daily life is his certitude of having positive material result – which only develops with experience of Energy transfers level after level. “Self/ego” of the practitioner understands that required efforts generate positive influence for itself as well. The “feeling of Energy flow” that develops in majority of practitioners is another supportive element – a compass that turns out useful in daily life. People who got acquainted with the method and practitioners would find it hard to disagree with the phrase “Love what you do and do what you love”.



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