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News articles from Belgian and Swiss papers

The loot of a guru is confiscated

The Prosecution wants to get its hands on the millions of the guru

False yoga teacher in court – Master Dang was a liar, sneaky and treacherous

Mister Dang denies scam – Brussels court accuses him of illegal medical practice

Luong Minh Dang, illegal «doctor»

Dang gets 4 years

When «Master Dang» opens the Chakras

Guru Dang released on 50 million bail

6000 Energy adepts speak of being free but are uncontrollable

«A quasi-religion»

The guru won't come to Palexpo. Second arrest of Mr.Dang, guru of Human and Universal Energy, by Belgian police

6000 followers are waiting for Luong Minh in Geneva. But their master is in prison

Arrest warrants against Master Dang and Belgian head of Spiritual Human Yoga: fraud and illegal medical practice

Arrest warrant for Mister Dang and the Treasurer. Triple perquisition against Spiritual Human Yoga.

“Universal Energy” gourou arrested on Friday in Genval. His chakras couldn't protect Mr. Dang from the police

Searches in Master Dang sect leaders homes: Belgian BSR investigates in Switzerland

On Spiritual Human Yoga. The right to respond by Master Dang

Gathering of Dasira Narada Followers in Brussels


Universal Energy teaching mentioned on the Internet


Human Rights Without Frontiers, october 1999 publication (since 2 March 2011 the material has been moved to here)

"Healing or Stealing?: Medical Charlatans in the New Age", Jean-Marie Abgrall, Algora Publishing, 2000


Cult Education Forum: On Spiritual Human Yoga / Mankind Enlightenment Love / HUESA

Wikipedia: List of groups referred to as cults in government documents (France and Belgium)

Wikipedia: Freedom of religion in Belgium

IHUERI in Russia (in Russian) - Article in “New Religious movements in Russia" publication, Moscow, 1999. (Russian)


French speaking publications about Universal Energy:

"Les sectes - Etat d'urgence" du Centre Roger Ikor chez Albin Michel - 1995 - HUE France (Human Universal Energie) - analysis of publications about activity of French organization and overall Universal Energy movement from 1997 until 2007.


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