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“Health is only complete for those who see it in a complete physical, mental, social and spiritual light.”
Dr. Halfdan Mahler, Third Director-General of the World Health Organization (1973-1988)

School of Universal Energy Healing (alias Human and Universal Energy) was found in 1989 in U.S.A., when Luong Minh Dang (1942-2007) has conducted his first seminar.

Luong Minh Dang reminded that his first encounter with Energy was in Vietnam at the age of 30, when invited to meditate by a wondering Indian monk, who called himself Dasira Narada 2nd. From the words of Mr. Luong we also know that the monk was a student of an honorable Sri Lankan civil servant who upon retirement took the name of Dasira Narada (Ashes of Buddha) and continued his life in secluded spiritual path.

It seems that for the first two years, Luong Minh Dang was learning about the world of Energy under guidance of Dasira Narada 2nd, and continuing his own path after that. Mr. Luong was willing to share the obtained knowledge with those around but understood that material reality he was in at the moment did not allow him to start spreading the knowledge and he had to wait. Meanwhile he continued his research of the Energy dimension and its laws without any complications. As most representatives of Oriental culture, he was ready for internal solitude of life. His study and research of the Human and Universal Energy did not require any specific equipment, as was taking place in a different dimension.

At the age of 47, when in U.S.A., he felt that external conditions were favorable for his old desire, and along with continuing his research, he started teaching others to use Human and Universal Energy method. Master Dang passing away in 2007, his work is being continued by the efforts of many thousands of his active followers.

Master LUONG MINH DANG developed a training program that combines both theory and practice allowing anyone to learn the Universal Energy method. Going through seminars/levels to Open Chakras and practicing relatively simple techniques, human is capable to develop, use and keep her natural latent abilities. Universal Energy School was established to popularize healthy life-styles and well-being in all its forms.


The goals of this teaching

* To promote a new, practical and feasible concept of low-cost and efficient way to improve health and well-being by drawing on abilities of human consciousness and spiritual development.
* To integrate Universal Energy Healing as a practice complementing healthy life-styles.
* To stimulate scientific and medical research and study of the effects and benefits of using Universal Energy.

The task thereof is to help practitioners to see integral picture of the world and find simple solutions to various questions. In the process of training "students" are offered simple exercises and routines following reach regularly allows reaching and keeping the necessary "integral perception" state. Everything starts with very down to Earth things - issues related to managing own health, situations in life, etc.

Universal Energy School teaches not knowledge, but helps distinguishing the valuable and using it to "stitch the integral cloth" of own life. This website, as well as those in the "Links" section contain all (or practically all) information content of the UE seminars, as taught by Master Luong Minh Dang.

The skills developed at every previous level serve as a foundation for developing those of the later levels. Thus "the students" are invited to test and re-test all conclusions they make or results they claim to have achieved - as receiving a certificate of seminar (course) completion does not guarantee the skills.

Modern scientific understanding classifies such energies as putative, all such teachings or concepts are labeled as pseudoscience, whilst their use for healing purposes is generally accepted in Western society as Energy healing. Keeping in mind this contradictory situation across various cultures and layers of modern society, Luong Minh Dang allowed his lectures (seminars) to be attended by people, aged 14 and above, allowing Universal Energy practitioners to bring own kids for learning Basic Level from the age of 8 .


General Bylaws to be used for all Worldwide Centers and Annexes, as approved by Master Luong Minh Dang

DEFINITION: This is a method of applying Universal Energy as a healing and preventive tool to promote health.
TRAINING COURSES: In general, the Training Courses are designed to make this tool available to the people who are interested. We only provide the guideline, and the practitioners are the ones who decide the effectiveness of this teaching through their personal applications. There are several key points we make sure the students understand when they attend the classes:

1) We do not prescribe any form of chemical substance nor medication, and we do not propose any dietary program.
2) We work in conjunction with the current medical standard, and we do not give advice on medical related issues, such as continuing with chemotherapy, undergoing surgery, etc. We strongly recommend the clients to consult with their physicians on these matters
3) We can apply this technique to help other people upon their request. If there is a request and we are not available, we can decline or wait until we are free. There is no obligation, a person can learn this technique simply for his/her own health and if he/she does not wish to help anyone there is no problem, he/she can still transfer energy to heal effectively.
4) We always make sure the students understand this is not a religion. This method is an alternative way to help mankind discover another aspect of the latent potentials of the human mind and body. Through the study and practice, we can develop our knowledge to have a better view about life from both - physical and spiritual perspectives.
5) We offer this method to all people without any discrimination in regard to color, race, religion, sex, politics or physical handicap. Anyone can learn Universal Energy Healing, under one condition that he/she must be at least 14 years old.
6) We can transfer energy to help anyone who requests it and the service is totally free of charge. We do not make demands when people ask us to transfer energy to heal them.


Main milestones in the development of the teaching

Master Dang used the following names to identify his school:
1) International Human and Universal Energy Research Institute
2) Human and Univeral Energy Healing
3) Spiritual Human Yoga
4) Mankind Enlightenment Love.


Cremation of the body of Master Dang and spreading his ashes above the Ocean - Melbourne, Australia. After passing away of Master Dang, individual differences in perception of the teaching lead to numerous independent groups of the UE school, represented by associations such as MEL (later renamed HUE Faculty), HUESA and multitude of independent instructors and practitioners.


Last seminar of Master Dang


Second seminar on Application of Spiritual Science (20): Melbroune, Bangkok, Tiel.


First seminar on Application of Spiritual Science (19): Melbourne, Turin.


"Garlic" meeting in Melbourne, Australia


Third seminar on Application of Oriental Philosophy in complementary medicine (18): Australia, Thailand, Holland.


Second seminar on Application of Oriental Philosophy in complementary medicine (17): Australia, Thailand, USA.


First seminar on Application of Oriental Philosophy in Complementary medicine in Russian-speaking region.


First seminar on Application of Oriental Philosophy in Complementary medicine (16): Australia, Thailand, the Netherlands.


Master Dang combined seminars in thematic groups:
(1-5) Basic level - 2,5-3 days,
(5.1-5.2-6) 1st Intermediate level - 4 days
(7-7+) 2nd Intermediate level - 5 days
(11-12-13) 1st Advanced level - 5 days
(13+-13++) 2nd Advanced level - 5 days


First seminar on brain of ancient people (15): Australia, Hungary, Italy & Russia.


First seminar 13+ (14) in Russian Federation.


First combined Levels 11-12-13 seminar: Australia, Thailand & the Netherlands.


Master Dang organized supplemental meeting (13+) for Level 13 students: Australia, Italy & Thailand in videoconference.


First Level III seminar in development of human latent abilities has united 7 countries in videoconference.


Colombo, Sri Lanka. Faculty of Universal Energy Healing is established at Open International University for Complementary Medicine.


Melbourne, Australia. Inauguration Ceremony of Mankind Ancestors Altar and World Warriors of Peace Memorial.


Melbourne, Australia. First Level I и II Development of Latent Abilities seminar.

August 2000

St. Louis, Missouri, USA. First Level 7+ seminar.


West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. First Level 7 seminar.

April 1999

Level 3 & 4 seminars conducted regularly by use of international teleconference.


Tiel, Holland. Informal meeting of UE students with Master Dang.
Transcript published under title" Tiel Special Meeting".

December 1996

Thailand. First Level 6 seminar.


Boomhoek, Holland. Informal meeting of UE students with Master Dang. Transcript published under title "Boomhoek Retreat".


Minsk, Belarus. First SHY center starts in CIS.

July 1989

California, USA. First Level 1 seminar.


Luong Minh Dang laid necessary foundations for continuing successful practice of the method and existence of the movement in the future. One group of his heirs and their associates took care of legal protection of the principle concepts of the teaching (copyright for the names and emblems), the other - of the spiritual one. The method itself is accessible for study and free use by anyone.

The list of all UE seminars/meetings, interpreted into Russian by the website admin
Chronicle of some past events


Material instruments used

To communicate knowledge and motivate the practitioners to make efforts to develop own capabilities and skills, Master used various conceptual and material instruments.
They include:

As well as many other concepts, not necessarily reflected by material symbols.




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